Oolong Tea Is A Proven Fat Fighter

As the detrimental health impacts of obesity become even clearer, more people are searching for ways to gain an edge in the battle of the bulge. With obesity in America an ever-present concern, the fad, gadget and specialty food market is booming. Dropping pounds for the sake of appearances and for the sake of health […]

Iced Tea and Your Health

Perhaps you have heard the news stories about how tea is good for you. Did you realize that this means tea of any temperature? In other words, iced is just as healthy for you as hot. This is a good thing, because many people will more readily drink iced than hot, especially in the summertime. […]

Can Drinking Tea Make You Live Longer?

Tea is the second most popular beverage in the world, after water. Asian cultures drink gallons of green, oolong and other teas, and the Brits consume large quantities of black tea. In fact, everywhere in the world, tea is a regular part of life. In many cases, we drink tea because we like it, but […]